You might have heard about Tesla’s Powerwall – essentially a battery acting as a home energy storage unit – but we’re almost sure you didn’t know Mercedes was competing the American manufacturer in this field.

Well, it turns out Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH has been charged (yes, pun intended) of selling and distributing energy storage systems. Production takes place in Germany by Accuomotive, a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary – following an investment of about 500 million euros in the production facility located in Kamenz. The energy storage units were initially developed for automotive operation processes, but now the lithium-ion battery packs are also available for homeowners. The first customers getting them are those from UK and there are different energy solutions with up to eight battery modules.

There’s a competitor for Tesla’s Powerwall from… Mercedes 4

The largest available pack has a maximum capacity of 20 kWh – and it’s the same technology put to good use in Mercedes’ road-going plug-in hybrids and EVs sold since 2012. In this application it is directed to homeowners who have their own solar energy systems, offering them a way to store extra power “with virtually no losses.” There’s even an encompassing home electricity generation product – made out of a photovoltaic (solar) system, an energy management system, a battery inverter — and the storage unit, of course.


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