The No.2 US automaker is getting ready to introduce the latest generation of the iconic best-selling F-150 truck, complete with ultra new aluminum body structure.

And, since it’s a nameplate that has sold millions over the years, clearly exceeding its targeted truck audience, Ford wants to make sure that anyone can drive the new F-150, even if that someone doesn’t speak yet, has no license and still uses Pampers.

That’s right, the Ford F-150, generation 2015, will also become available as a 2015 Power Wheels F-150. The automaker just revealed the new generation off-road toy, as part of the Fisher-Price Power Wheels line.

And while the owners will have small dimensions, the same cannot be saved about the account Ford uses to store the money made from such toys – as Mark Bentley, Ford’s licensing manager, puts the sale of licensed merchandise revenue at around $2 billion a year – with increases of 20% each year since 2008.

Equipped with full LED lights, the toy truck can house two children aged 6 and below, reaches a speed of 5 mph (8 km/h), that can be parentally limited to 2.5 mph and also gives the kids “monster traction” for off-road incursions, also being equipped with safety limits that prevent it from sliding or flipping on a hill.


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