There’s a new Tesla in the auto industry – Nikola Motors image

Since Tesla Motors has pretty much arrested the public perception about electric vehicles, there’s a new industry-related company coming out of the shades conveniently named Nikola Motor Company.

Coming out of stealth mode recently, Nikola is also all about electric vehicles, though they at least had the common sense of not being direct competitors with the California-based automaker. Their recently alive website is claiming the vehicle maker wants to reach the market with two plug-in vehicle projects: an all-electric 4×4 UTV called the Nikola Zero and a natural gas-electric hybrid semi truck called the Nikola One. We’re also eagerly awaiting for the Nikola Two crossover and Nikola Three sedan announcements…

There’s a new Tesla in the auto industry – Nikola Motors 4

Joke aside, just like in Tesla Motors’ case the name is a direct reference to inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), and the Nikola One is one ambitious semi project – it should cost $375,000. With the semi not being entirely electric, aside from a 320-kWh battery pack, the 2,000-horsepower Nikola One will also come equipped with a fuel-agnostic turbine (the standard model also gets a natural gas tank) sending power to the battery. According to the newly minted Nikola Motors, this semi will be capable of operating at half the mile costs of current diesel trucks. Using a full tank of 150 gallons of natural gas, the Nikola One should bring in 1,200 miles before needing a refill. By the way, Nikola Motors is also accepting reservations – $1,500 for the truck and $750 for the UTV – and delivering 100,000 gallons of free natural gas at a planned network of CNG stations (we’re suggesting the Supergascharger name).

  • Owen Iverson

    just last week i was thinking if i moved out to the country, i’d like an electric 4 wheeler.