With Lucid Air and Faraday Future FF91 flaunting range and acceleration times comparable with Tesla’s Model S or even better, we have a feeling there’s an EV acceleration war starting.

While both startup automakers still need to actually deliver on their proposed performance credentials, apparently Tesla is covering its back with the latest updates made to their oddly-named Ludicrous high speed and acceleration mode. When it was first made available – not long ago – Tesla’s Model S P100D became the world’s quickest road-legal car with a 60 mph sprint time of just 2.5 seconds. One other model bests that figure – Porsche’s 918 Spyder, but this one has been taken out of production.

And Tesla ahs recently started introducing yet another over the air update that also contains in an Easter Egg the new Ludicrous+ mode, which “magically” undermines the official figure by 0.1 seconds, for a 2.4 seconds acceleration time. But Musk isn’t even ready to call it a day – because in one of his now famous Tweets he contends the 2.34 seconds time is “achievable” – so get ready for another over the air update with Ludicrous ++ or something… All this commotion might be for nothing as well – because we need to see both Lucid and Faraday deliver the cars first before even starting to wage the performance credentials.



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