Data sourced from Google paints an interesting automotive picture when superimposed over the world map – because we can now take a look at the most searched auto brands during the past year.

In the United States, the most searched car brands in 2016 were Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Lamborghini and Volvo. According to data provided by UK car parts retailer Quickco, the map shows the most Googled auto brands for the entire world. There’s a catch though – the data has been sourced from Google, but the search engine doesn’t reign supreme all over the world, as there are other primary search engines in places such as China, Russia, and North Korea.

In Europe for example, the most searched car brand overall was BMW – winning in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Renault took the crown in France and Turkey, Volvo in Sweden and Fiat in Italy. Volkswagen meanwhile is the most searched car brand in Spain, Romania, Belarus and Estonia. In Africa most of the countries are interested in Toyota, while Niger stands out from the crowd because the winner there is… Bugatti. Asia has the Asian brands, of course – Toyota and Honda, while Hyundai even tops the Google chart in Russia.

Via Quickco


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