These are the world’s top seven automotive brands image

According to London-based business valuation consultancy, Brand Finance, the name is a valuable commodity – and seven automakers, alongside two related companies – are in the annual Global 500 list.

The analyzed features include loyalty, familiarity, corporate reputation, and marketing investment, among others. For example, Uber – not exactly a car maker – is 89 on Brand Finance’s most valuable brands ranking for 2017, with total value at $14.596 billion. Hyundai takes the 60th spot on the Global 500 list, with a brand value of $19.975 billion – even after it dropped 16 percent compared to 2016. Next up is Honda at 52, a fairly consistent name on the board, now with a value of $21.318 billion. Ford is coming in as the only American automaker in the top 100 – ranked at number 46 and with a total value of $22.432 billion.

Volkswagen had a huge drop last year – Deiselgate, of course – but is coming back strong for 2017, gaining 32 percent and hitting the spot number 41 with a value of $25 billion. The Mitsubishi Group is not only an automaker – it’s so much more – so it has number 38 on the list, though Mitsubishi Motors as a separate entity is nowhere near the top 100. And now we start with the German automakers – Mercedes gains 11 percent to $35.544 billion and holds the position 21. BMW is next – ranked 17 overall – with a value of $37.124 billion. But that’s not enough to top Toyota, which is placed 12 and has a total brand value of $46.255 billion.