Ward’s Auto World magazine presented its annual pics for the best new automotive interiors, with some surprise winners among the established pack.

Generally, when purchasing a car, the design is among the most relevant aspects for the future owner, but many forget that they actually spend very little time admiring the exterior and way longer assessing what’s inside. So, while there is often a balance between the exterior and interior, there are also times when a good interior should win over a bland exterior.

As far as Ward’s auto is concerned, this year’s 10 winners have brought some surprises, with Chrysler Group and Hyundai-Kia both having a couple of cars, more than established players like BMW, Jaguar and Lexus.

“The line separating luxury and mainstream is becoming extremely blurry,” says Auto World editor-in-chief Drew Winter.

Among the judgment choices, the editors picked any new car or one that had a new interior, narrowed down the list to 41 entries and then voted down the best 10. If you think Chryslers and Hyundais were all the rage this year, we should point out to the six-figure sticker prices of he Mercedes-Benz S550 and Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Without further ado, here comes the list in alphabetical order – there is no tenth or first place, as the winners were judged to be on the same level – maybe you would like a further break – but, well, this was the choice of the Ward’s Auto World magazine.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – with a US sticker price of $71,960 and all the history by its side; the Chrysler 200C – which aims to win the hearts of all mid size sedan consumers ($31,470); GMC Sierra Denali – a luxury pick-up built for the US passionate ($56,685); Hyundai Equus Ultimate – priced at $68,920, this Hyundai sure jumps in the luxury segment; Jeep Cherokee Limited – a $37,525 example of monstrous exterior looks; Kia Soul+ – this is the least expensive car on the list, at $24,010; Mazda3 – a compact that follows in the footsteps of the bigger Mazda6 ($30,415); Mercedes-Benz S550 – the pinnacle of German luxury, priced accordingly at $122,895; Rolls-Royce Wraith – yet an even more accordingly priced package, worth $372,800 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI – a sporty compact that only makes you lose $30,695.


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