Thieves Stole Mercedes Alloy Wheels Worth £18,000 from Dealership in Kent image

A dealership in Tonbridge, Kent, found all its 13 Mercedes-Benz without wheels.

The 13 brand-new Mercedes-Benz vehicles were stored in a nearby locked location for the local dealership. According to reports, the thieves cut through the facility’s fence and used power tools to remove the wheels. The haul was estimated at about £18,000, but luckily the thieves were caught before disappearing with the wheels.

“These thieves were caught in the act by an astute member of the public and we thank him for his information,’ commented DC Mark Ansdell. ‘The officers who were first on the scene then did a great job in apprehending one of the offenders as they made their escape. The team followed this up by gathering key evidence, tracking down a second offender and ultimately bringing them to justice.”

This just one of the series of thefts reported by dealerships over the past months. At the end of last month thieves targeted a VAUXHALL dealer in Buckinghamshire for the vehicles’ parts. Twelve Corsa vehicles were stripped by their ‘bumpers, headlights and alloy wheels’ according to the police report. The police says that car parts thefts continue to increase as parts sales are more convenient for the thieves and also due to the lack of traceability.