Think City now with four seats image

The latest generation THINK City is now available with four seats, and goes on sale across Europe this month.

The addition of two extra seats – which stow away incidentally – makes the City “unquestionably, the most attractive EV on the market,” according to THINK marketing chief, Michael Lock.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery and now with air-conditioning as standard, the latest generation Think City can maintain speeds of 70mph and can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge.


The electric power train fitted onto the electric vehicle gives it the capability to achieve a top speed of 100 km/hour (62 mph) and allows for a sprint time from naught to 62 mph of 6.5 seconds.

  • Dallas Ford

    Not a huge fan of these mini EV cars; first the Smart Cars and now this one. It takes a confident person to drive them. I've seen some Smart Cars on the freeway here in So Cal and they are a funny sight on the freeway amidst a sea of large sedans, minivans and SUV's. They just look funny.