This Bugatti Chiron costs even more than you imagine image

Officially Bugatti charges a “mere” €2.4 million when you’re asking them to build a Chiron for you, but this particular example is a bit steeper – at €3.57 million with applicable taxes.

This unit comes from German dealer Auto Seredin from Stuttgart and it’s actually something that belongs to the future. As in this “brand new” Chiron doesn’t exist yet, and it’s only going to be built in a year or so. Looking at the half full side of the glass, the affluent future owner can actually still configure the car, in case the chosen German dealer Auto Seredin from Stuttgart is not ringing any bells. Of course, you’re going to ask rhetorically why so much money when you can order from Bugatti directly since not all of the production has been sold out.

This Bugatti Chiron costs even more than you imagine 2

The reasons might shine a light – but of course it’s your choice if you want to play the premium or not. In case you go for Molsheim’s address, placing an order today will make you wait more than two years – in 2017 they are only making 70 of the pre-arranged 250 examples. This car on the other hand is way ahead on the list and will see delivery during the second quarter of 2018. The other reason is the optional parts fitted to the base price tag – wheels are €50,000, the “French Racing Blue” go for €7,500, while the diamond cut finish is an additional €2,500. Then you can talk about the carbon engine cover (€15,000), “Turquoise Carbon” look of the wing mirrors or €50,000 for the leather and carbon fiber inside…

Via Auto Seredin