But, then again, exclusivity does pay, so if you can afford it, you should probably go for it.

If you couldn’t afford a Ferrari FXX K before than you won’t now either as this particular example has been priced at 3.6 million euros, significantly more than the 2.5 million euros for which it has been bought. The vehicle is located in Dubai, UAE, but the seller isn’t saying anything on how many miles it has travelled. The hypercar is wearing an appealing red shade on its body with some white accents and it has a black interior theme. If you are curious of finding out more about it, you should check out this link on James Edition.

The Ferrari FXX K is the track only version of the impressive LaFerrari. The model has been officially unveiled back in late 2012 and it is getting a lot of tweaks made to its body which are helping its aerodynamics. Power is being provided by the same 6.3 liter V12 engine which has been now upgraded to 860 HP (633 kW) and the electric motor, capable of putting down 190 HP. The total output produced by the assembly stands at a whopping 1,050 HP (722 kW). The Ferrari FXX K has maintained its rear-wheel drive but don’t be so excited about it because you cannot drive it on public roads.


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