This is a floral-themed Ferrari FXX K image

A Ferrari FXX K with a floral theme has been spotted recently and it is coming from, where else, China.

Over these past few months we have seen several examples of the very rare Ferrari FXX K and one of them was getting a black and pink livery on its body. This has been considered to be a bold move but it is actually nothing compared to this particular example. The model in question is getting a floral-themed body and the image has been uploaded to Instagram. We have no clue at this time whether any photoshop has been involved but considering the fact that Chinese are known for preferring their rides to be as weird as possible, chances are this is the real thing.

The Ferrari FXX K has been officially presented to the public back in late 2014 and, if you have forgotten, this is the track-only version of the impressive Ferrari LaFerrari. The model in question has received some interesting tweaks made to the exterior design and to the cabin but the most important part is found under its hood, where the 6.3 liter V12 engine is resting. This has been upgraded to 860 HP (633 kW) and it is still being backed up by the electric motor, rated at 190 HP (140 kW). The total output of the supercar stands at 1,050 HP (722 kW), which basically means 100 HP more than what the LaFerrari has to offer. Only 40 examples of the FXX K will be put together and each one is carrying a price tag of 2.5m euros.