This is a Lamborghini Countach replica from Mumbai image

A replica of the Lamborghini Countach has been spotted recently in Mumbai, India.

Mumbai has a lot of billionaires and millionaires so spotting a supercar in the Indian city is not that hard, but what happens when the model spoken about is not really an exotic vehicle and it started its life as a regular car? Well, most people will not spot the difference but to real petrol heads, this is a sacrilege. The model in question is a replica of the classic Lamborghini Countach and it has been captured on camera in several images. At a closer look, the lighting units will give you a hint that this is not the real deal, the front fascia seems to be different and the wheelbase is shorter.

We have no clue on what this “supercar wannabe” was based but if you happen to do, please feel free to share. Meanwhile we will remind you that the real Lamborghini Countach has been put together between 1974 and 1990, in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in just 2,049 units. The two-door vehicle was carrying a rear-mid engine and rear-wheel drive layout and it has been styled by Marcello Gandini, from Bertone design studio, the same designer and studio who created the Miura. The Countach LP400 had a 3,929cc engine under its hood, rated at 370 HP (276 kW) and it became a collectable in the recent years. A 1975 version has been sold, at Bonhams, for almost 1m GBP.