The brand new Honda S660 has been recently spotted, in its final production version, in Japan, as this is getting ready to hit dealerships in the near future.

Honda is getting ready to introduce a new sub-compact sports car, the so-called S660, and this is basically a shrunken version of the NSX. Don’t expect the same level of performance or the drive feel of its larger brother but, in essence, this should be enough to satisfy your driving needs. The model in question has retained most of the design of the concept car, shown back in 2013 in Tokyo, but this has been slightly toned down, as expected. We can notice the more “acceptable” lighting units, the updated cabin and the smaller wheels which are making this model seem quite appealing.

The Honda S660 will only be offered in Japan and this is a spiritual successor of the Beat. The model will stand at 3,395 mm in length, 1,475 mm in width and 1,180 mm in height, taking its power from a three-cylinder 660cc turbocharged engine, which is developing 64 HP (47 kW) and 104 Nm (77 lb-ft) of torque. Top speed of the small roadster will stand at 140 km/h (87 mph) and considering the fact that it weighs just 830 kg (1,830 lbs), it won’t take long to reach it. Transmission options will include the 6-speed manual and the optional CVT. It may also end up outside its local market, with a larger 1.0L turbo engine, rated at 140 HP (103 kW), with a more aggressive body, larger wheels and so on. A fully electric version is also planned.



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