This is a Volvo Costello and it is previewing the upcoming S90 image

It’s old and it’s new at the same time and it has been called the Volvo Costello.

The Volvo S80 continues to be a popular vehicle and a great choice to those looking something else than the common BMWs, Mercedes-Benzs and Audis but let’s not forget that this is aging so the Swedish based company is currently planning a new one, which should get a lot of ground breaking technology on it.

However, before this will be unveiled, it will have to go through a series of tests and this particular model, which has been pictured below, will serve as a basis for it. It has been called the Volvo Costello and it looks like an old S80 because it was put together back in 2008 with the purpose of convincing the board to invest in the new SPA (Scalable Product Architecture).

The good news is that the board has invested in it and we have seen it debut on the second generation of the XC90 SUV but the same platform will also be used in the upcoming S90, which will serve as a replacement for the S80. The engineering prototype has been apparently based on Ford’s structure but the Swedish based carmaker has installed the double wishbone front setup and the new integral link rear suspension. Power was being provided by a 5-cylinder turbo, signed by Volvo, which has been tweaked especially for the Costello. The upcoming S90 is believed to be shown before the end of this year and it will give birth to an estate as well, which will go official in 2016.

Via Autocar