The Swedish exotic automaker’s line of internally-designed Regera models is culminating with the unique vision of the company founder – and unfortunately that means no more custom versions are coming out in the near future.

There will be more bespoke Regeras built, but this series was specifically created for the whole world to see – whereas customer-commissioned designs are usually shrouded in secrecy. Koenigsegg Automotive founder Christian von Koenigsegg is now rounding up the series of “dream Regeras” and while the Swedish flag inspires the outside, with a nostalgic twist for the interior, the 1,479-horsepower (1,103 kilowatts) hypercar is actually inspired by the pinnacle of affordable great sports cars – Mazda’s MX-5 Miata. Koenigsegg’s Regera gets an exterior finish of blue-tinted carbon and gold leaf trim – which is a play on the hues used for the Swedish flag.

This is Christian Von Koenigsegg's vision of the Regera 3

There’s also a new gold-leaf-finish on the wheels, applied by hand and covered with a clear coat. For the cockpit, Koenigsegg’s design has a color mix with personal significance: “The first car he and his then-girlfriend – now wife and Koenigsegg COO, Halldora – owned together was a black NA Mazda Miata with a brown leather interior,” notes the company. So his combination of milk chocolate and black upholstery for the hypercar is relevant. The Regera hits 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 2.8 seconds and a top speed over 250 mph (402 kph) and only 80 units will be manufactured.


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