This is Italy’s newest supercar – F&M Mugello image

An Italian company named the F&M or Faralli & Mazzanti is playing exactly like the big boys in the industry and teasing its latest creation, a supercar which will be named the Mugello.

Even if this isn’t the first time when a small Italian car manufacturer is teasing a new supercar, since Pagani practically revolutionize everything we ever thought about small automakers with its numerous Zonda supercars and the latest Huayra, we must give some credit to F&M (Faralli & Mazzanti) in this case, at least until the Mugello will be officially unveiled and tested. This isn’t the first creation to come from the hands of F&M, and the Italian company has already given us two vehicles, the Vulca V12 and the Antas V8 GT, so the Mugello project might just be on to something.

According to the official website of the small Italian manufacturer, the F&M Mugello will be the company’s first mid-engined supercar, but this is all we know for now about the upcoming model. Faralli & Mazanti didn’t even announce when the Mugello supercar will be officially unveiled, but we can’t blame them for this, after all, this the supercar is only being teased. Who knows, maybe we’ll see more of the Mugello at an international auto show sometimes next year, probably Detroit, maybe Geneva or even Paris.