This is Tanner Foust’s 900 HP VW Passat drifting machine image

Tanner Foust has officially pulled the wraps off the brand new Volkswagen Passat drifting machine, which is coming with a whopping 900 HP.

Drifting champion and Top Gear U.S. host Tanner Foust has officially unveiled the new Volkswagen Passat drifting machine. The model in question is coming with the Rockstar livery covering its exterior design and with the APR Performance rear wing, along with the five-spoke KMC wheels which have been wrapped into Nitto NO05 max performance tires.

“One of the things I have always loved about drifting in the United States is how inventive you can get with the car builds. You can put a high-horsepower V-8 into a Volkswagen Passat to make something completely unique. You don’t see that in another series in the word”, said Tanner Foust.

The Volkswagen Passat drifting machine is coming with a stripped out interior design too, which is getting the Sparco steering wheel and the Recaro seats, along with the Plex SDM-500 digital instrument cluster and, of course a roll cage. The exhaust note is similar to the one of a supercar, as the company is stating, and we can find a 450 cubic inch V8 engine under its hood which is capable of producing no less than 700 HP (522 kW), or up to 900 HP (671 kW) on nitrous. The unit is connected to a four-speed G-Force GSR transmission, which is sending power to the rear wheels. You can check out the drift machine in the photo gallery posted below.