Well known petrolhead Rasha Jarmakani is now the first female owner of a Briggs Automotive Company, or simply BAC, Mono single-seater supercar.

And she is no ordinary first female customer – Jarmakani is President of Lebanon’s BEASTS (Beirut Events and Street Shows) and a “renowned petrolhead” in her own right, particularly not a stranger to the supercar scene. Jarmakani owns a private collection of supercars and motorcycles – and according to the exotic sports car manufacturer she was a fan of the Mono for quite some time thanks to “its singularity of purpose and ability to deliver the ultimate driving experience putting it right at the top of her wish list.”

This is the first BAC Mono sold to a lady 0

“I am so happy to be the first female owner of the Mono – a car I’ve loved for too long now,” she commented. “Getting the keys and getting behind the wheel is a total joy and I can’t wait to show off its brilliance everywhere I go. I’m also very much looking forward to BAC’s presence at BEASTS and showing the Beirut community exactly why it’s such a phenomenal machine.” To celebrate the cooperation, the 12-day BEASTS event in Lebanon will see BAC reigning down with a series of Monos to demonstrate its abilities.


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