This is the Lamborghini pinnacle of exclusive bad taste image

The Esavox Lamborghini docking station is made with carbon fiber and costs 24, 800 euros – but if I ever win the lottery I still won’t have a Lamborghini in the middle of the living room.

There are lucky thousands around the world buying a Huracan or an Aventador every year, but none of them camp in the garage to sleep next to their mechanical beauty (we hope so!). But in case you want to have a Lamborghini in the house you won’t need to free up the entire living room – because Lamborghini has devised a way for you to enjoy the company of four exhaust pipes and some stealth fighter body panels. This is because somebody in the top roster at Lambo was crazy enough to approve the creation of the Esavox in cooperation with iXoost. The latter is a company that specializes in creating audio docks from chromed pipes…


This time around, the entire rear end of the car has been copied and then modified to allow the fitting of some serious boombox power. This horrific and expensive docking station is even sold through Lamborghini’s official store. And we’re not talking about a key chain costing 100 euros – we’re dealing with a €24,800 thing. Anyway, on to technicalities. The Esavox has four individual speakers housed in enclosures mimicking the front air intakes of an Aventador, while four metal exhaust pipes are used for the bass reflex pressure control. It also uses carbon fiber and the docking station has Bluetooth 4.0, connectivity standard, a regular cable connection, DSP 24bit ADC/DAC output, and 800 Watts of power.