This is the new-suspended Skoda Roomster image

Skoda has announced this month it will stop the development of the next generation Roomster, but it seems the Czech automaker has built some units before its decision to cease the MPV.

There was no surprise when VW’s Skoda subsidiary said the new Roomster MPV would not see the light of day, as Volkswagen has other concerns to deal with rather than spending money on not-so-profitable projects. Because of the emissions scandal financial consequences, the German automaker needs to carefully plan its further investment steps. 17.1 billion euros a year, or 18.3 million dollars, were foreseen in the previous budget for investments in vehicles, factories and for research & development, and cuts from those areas are unavoidable.

Skoda decided to shelve the Roomster project even though the development process for the all-new Roomster was actually quite advanced, for the brand to focus in the future on the development of compact and affordable SUVs, a segment which draws a lot more profit than the MPV one. On this note, Skoda and Seat are both planning a Tiguan-based model due to be launched next year with five and seven-seat layout.

But even if the Roomster has to wait for better times, the automaker seems to have completed the production of around 100 units that were supposed to be sold locally. The news came from a Skoda employee, who also published some photos with a finished model on Instagram. The ceased MPV is a mildly redesigned 2015 VW Caddy, with a Skoda front grille and a Roomster badge on the back.

Via Lukáš Mareš / Instagram