This is the Philippines’ first supercar, the Aurelio Automobile image

The first supercar ever to be produced in the Philippines is named the Aurelio Automobile and it has just been unveiled.

Hipsters with a lot of money will be glad to find out that they now have an alternative to supercars coming from Italy, such as the Pagani, the Ferrari or the Lamborghini, to ones coming from the UK, such as the Aston Martin, to the Swedish Koenigsegg or the ones coming in from Germany, such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, the shape of the first ever “supercar” to be made in the Philippines. The company behind it was formerly known as Factor Aurelio and now, after some internal disagreements, is simply known as the Aurelio.

The vehicle in question has been named the Aurelio Automobile and it has a pretty impressive and unique look which, from its side, kind of reminds me of the McLaren F1 and from the rear of a Lexus LFA, but that’s about all the similarities you will find. The company says that the car is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic and select carbon fiber components and as far as its engine goes, this can be either a Honda B16A V-TEC or a turbocharged 2.0 liter Mitsubishi 4G63T. No performance details have been announced yet but before it will be buried by history, we will most likely hear about it again.

Source: GT Spirit

  • jaguaron

    Why a B16? Id think a K series would have served better for a supercar want to be. No doubt the Mits. Engine tuned to make 350-400hp would do very nice.

  • Al Salumbides

    I'm very interested to buy at least one (1) unit. Seriously. Red suits my fancy. Let's support Filipino ingenuity!!!