This is the world’s first car specifically tailored to kids under 10 – Firefly image

From now on, kids as little as five will get the chance to see how driving is – and we think this vehicle will be a success, contrary to the opinion that kids are more interested in smartphones these days.

For example, in the UK, manufacturers such as Ford, SEAT, Mercedes, and even Land Rover let kids as young as ten experience the wheel and get a taste of what driving is all about – in a bid to make them better prepared for the real conditions once they get the driving license. And now even younger kids will get the chance to see how a vehicle can be operated – thanks to Young Driver, the UK’s largest provider of driving courses for 10 to 17 year-olds.

Young Driver Motor Cars has enlisted leading designers and suppliers to come up with the Firefly – a properly engineered, miniature car. Power is instilled by two electric motors allowing a maximum speed of 10 miles-per-hour (16 kilometers-per-hour), with the batteries good for nine hours of continuous run. It even has a fully independent suspension, hydraulic brakes, and forward and reverse gears – adults up to 180 cm can fit in and there’s even a tablet-based instrument display. The safety part is top notch too – 5 mph (8 km/h) speed limiter, an autonomous braking system, and remote shut down.