This is what happens when you set loose motorhead nerds among video games image

In case you didn’t get that from the previous news, we’re feeling a bit virtually stranded in the vast desert of the Internet for now, so we’re going to indulge in more speculative… things.

For example, let’s remember how it was before actually being allowed to touch the steering and gear knob on public roads – our nerdy refuge came in the form of ancient PC gaming, which included a healthy dose of automotive simulators (oh, Colin McRae Rally) and an unhealthier dose of anything in between, just having pixels. Anyways, we all know that video games have a tendency to relate to anything in the real world – including automotive fantasies. And this is because some video games have achieved a legendary cult status.


Anyways, some crazier dudes than we are decided to handle in a different way some of the iconic video game titles – taking them into the world of “Cars”, so to speak. We think words again are not enough to describe the outcome so feel free to check the gallery below if you got tired of our rumblings. There are some oddities – for example the Tomb Rider idea (it involves boobs’) – while others are spot on, such as the Volvo 240 impersonating Tetris.

Via CarWow