This sleek independent concept gives us a glimpse of a possible Tesla motorcycle image

Tesla Motors, based off California, is the youngest publicly traded US automaker and has from the start attracted the world by only delivering green, fully electric vehicles.

The carmaker, co-founded and headed by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, has only one vehicle in its lineup – the luxurious Model S limousine. The plans for the carmaker include even business strategies that reside outside the automotive industry – such as the recently launched stationary battery storage packs. And the company is building in Nevada the world’s largest battery production facility, dubbed the Gigafactory. Later on this year, they will also offer throughout their showrooms the Model X crossover, an all-electric sport ute that should tap the booming demand in the segment, Later on, starting 2017, they intend to democratize the electric vehicle segment, with the Model 3 (rumored to contain a lineup) that should come with a price of $35,000.

And visionaries even imagine the automaker going towards motorcycle building (Audi owns Ducati, so why not?). One example is designer Jans Slapins, who already gained some popularity thanks to the Lamborghini Rat Rod and BMW Urban Racer concepts. He now took us through the idea of having Tesla build a motorcycle – dubbed Model M – equipped with a 150kW electric motor that delivers four computer controlled modes: Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco. Power comes from Lithium-ion batteries (perhaps hypothetically built in Nevada) and the frame is being made out of aluminum – even the fuel tank location has a new function: it’s a water-tight storage space that has room for a laptop or full face helmet.

Via Silodrome