This Volvo is the world’s largest bus – meet the Gran Arctic 300 image

The Volvo Gran Arctic 300 – as the name implies, can engulf no less than 300 passengers. And it’s almost 100 feet long when it’s coming to a city in Brazil in the near future.

The end to end measurements are of 30 meters (98 feet), making the Volvo Gran Arctic 300 the world’s biggest bus. 300 people will have space inside the triumvirate of articulated segments. The model has been developed by Volvo Bus Latin America specifically for Brazil’s Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system and is of course the flagship in the Volvo “bendy bus” range on the South American continent – the others have capacities of 50, 180, and 210 passengers. Volvo’s idea is that given the model’s high capacity fewer buses will be needed, cutting the cost per passenger for operators, and reducing traffic and emissions in Brazil’s highly congested urban areas.

Gran Arctic’s massive size shouldn’t be too much of an issue, because it will mostly be used on segregated bus lanes. “We are leaders in vehicles for BRT and we are making available to the market the greatest coach in the world. This vehicle will provide more efficiency to organized transport systems, ensuring better quality of life for passengers and [being] more cost effective for operators,” commented Fabiano Todeschini, president of Volvo Bus Latin America.