Ford has recently announced its plans to introduce three customized 2015 Expeditions at the upcoming 2014 SEMA Motor Show.

Ford will be officially pulling the wraps off three customized 2015 Expeditions during this year’s SEMA Motor Show, as the company has recently announced. First up will be the Vaccar Expedition, which is basically a ruggedized vehicle, coming in with a two-tone matte exterior design, roof rack, brush guard, 20-inch wheels covered in General Tire Grabber AT2 tires and ultra suede seats.

Next up comes the DUV Magazine Expedition, with its tinted windows, 26-inch concave wheels with Pirelli tires, radar detection system, high performance brakes, lowered suspension, Borla exhaust system, upgrades seats and upholstery, video gaming system full length center console, a lot of monitors and several other tweaks, to help it stand out from a crowd.

Last but not least, Ford will also officially pull the wraps off the Tjin Edition Expedition, which is coming with a side exiting exhaust system, with a dark gray exterior finish, custom fenders, 24.-inch Rotiform wheels covered in Falken tires and so on. The model has also received the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine under its hood, the Baer braking system, the Air Lift struts, MagnaFlow, Vortech Engineering charge cooler kit and so on, thanks to which it is now producing an extra 40 HP (30 kW) to a total of 405 HP (302 kW).


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