Daihatsu has recently announced its plans to introduce three Kopen Concept cars, during the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon.

Daihatsu is getting ready to pull the wraps off three Kopen Concepts, during the Tokyo Auto Salon, as the carmaker has recently announced. According to the minor details released by the company, the first model will basically look production ready and it will get a red exterior design and five-spoke alloy wheels. This will be followed by the so-called Daihatsu Kopen Future Included Concept, which is a bit sportier, with its front splitter, prominent rear wing, different side skirts, special graphics and lightweight wheels.

Last but not least, Daihatsu will be presenting the Kopen XM1 Concept, during the Tokyo Auto Salon. This is getting a different exterior design, with some plastic body cladding, camouflage inspired graphics, green paintjob, a mesh grille, unique alloy wheels and some orange accents. Sadly we have no more details on the three Daihatsu Kopen concepts, so we will have to wait for the Tokyo Auto Salon to officially open its gates in order to find out more about these models. As a reminder, the Daihatsu Kopen Concept has been officially introduced during the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.


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