Three decades after trialing Ford RS200 the UK police has a go in the Focus RS image

Once there was an iconic image among British motorists – a Ford RS200 with full police livery was pulling over a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Now the modern recreation involves the Focus RS doing the police duties.

Back then – as it is the case now as well – it was actually just a publicity stunt – the RS200 took the colors of Ford UK’s local police force, the Essex Constabulary. Reports claim the car actually fulfilled some police duties on patrol, and it is known the RS200 had lots of miles early on – but the reports were never substantiated in an way. Of course, handling the Group B rallying machine would have been tricky to say the least – mid-mounted 1.8-liter, four-cylinder turbo motor built by Cosworth packed no less than 600 horsepower. And it weighed almost nothing, had a very small wheelbase and a rudimentary AWD.

Three decades later Ford has decided to recreate the image with the classic RS200 being pulled over by the young dog – the Focus RS, which is quickly becoming UK’s favorite hot hatch. The police livery RS has also been doing the rounds this year at various local shows – alongside a Mustang GT. We’re inclined to believe the RS will not receive any duties – because it’s a sold out model.