Three Mitsubishi Concepts teased for Tokyo Motor Show image

Mitsubishi has released an image in which the company is teasing three new concept cars for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, which will officially open its gates next month.

The Japanese based automaker Mitsubishi is getting ready for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and the company will be unveiling three new concept cars at the international automotive event. According to the car manufacturer, the three cars will serve as a preview for the brand’s new design approach as well as for the next generation’s technologies, so if you want to find out where Mitsubishi will probably stand in a few years, you have to check out the event.

The first concept car to be unveiled will be the GC-PHEV (Grand Cruiser) and this will represent the company’s vision of a future full-size SUV, which will get a plug-in hybrid electric system. The model will also get some new preventive safety systems too. The next one to make its debut will be the XR-PHEV (Cross Runner) which will influence a next-gen compact SUV, equipped with a PHEV system. Last but not least, an MPV Concept AR (Active Runabout) will be unveiled in Tokyo too. This is promising the mobility and practicality of an SUV with the cabin of a people carrier.