Three US cars make it in Consumer Reports top ten image

Earlier today we told you that Consumer Reports’ annual brand study crowned Lexus and Mazda as the first and second best automakers. But US-made cars also made the top ten rankings – with three models in the picks for the first time since 1998.

Tesla Motors Inc.’s $89, 650 Model S luxury electric sedan was – for the second straight year – the top overall pick for the automobile testers of the influential independent magazine. The other two American-made cars that snatched top positions were General Motors Co.’s Buick Regal – topping the best sports sedan category that last year was headed by the BMW 328i – and the Chevrolet Impala that reigned supreme in the luxury sedan segment. “For years, domestic automakers built lower-priced and lower-quality alternatives to imports, but those days are behind us,” said Jake Fisher, Consumer Reports’ director of automotive testing. “Today many domestic models can go toe-to-toe with the best imports.”

Consumer Reports has been for years releasing tests and evaluations of cars based on how well they drive, interior-finish quality, safety and reliability. The rankings for the year, recently revealed, usually have a major influence over car buyers and can be found in the Yonkers, New York-based magazine’s annual automobile issue. For General Motors, battered last year by the massive recalls prompted by the ignition-switch defect scandal, the category wins bring much needed attention towards the Buick and Chevrolet brands. Tesla, on the other hand, has other issues – lift production capacity to profit from the rankings that might bring new customers and introduce the long-delayed Model X crossover to take advantage of the segment’s boom.

Via Bloomberg