TMC and Denso Developed CAN-Gateway ECU Communications Network Device image

Toyota and DENSO recently announced the joint development of the CAN-Gateway ECU, an onboard communications network device.

The CAN-Gateway ECU gathers data while driving, such as accelerator pedal strokes, GPS data, brake operation signals, steering angles, water temperature, engine rpm count and vehicle speed, from CAN information exchanged among onboard ECUs and a dedicated onboard GPS. The device sends by Bluetooth the gathered data to the software installed on various devices, such as smartphones, for real-time monitoring. All this accumulated data can be used as a driving coaching guide.

Furthermore, the data can be used by software makers to make games or other software programs, using only standard creation tools, and so avoiding the complicated nature of the onboard CAN protocol. The CAN-Gateway ECU will be tested in Japan next year and it can be applied to the Toyota “86” rear-wheel drive compact sports car. The device will be tested by car racing drivers and it is expected to be launched by the end of 2013.

The two companies also try to develop a device that can record data from drives on major circuits in Japan onto USB flash drives, to be used for input into the racing game Gran Turismo, to offer a real-time and vivid experience.