Today, November 12th, Toyota Motor Corporation began full-scale operations at its ITS Proving Ground test drive in Susono City, Japan.

The its ITS Proving Ground test drive, which uses Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology, was established in order to reduce traffic accidents. The 3.5-hectare area perfectly simulates an urban environment with roads and traffic lights. The test drive is also equipped with a road-to-vehicle communications system, which includes a vehicle and pedestrian detection systems, traffic signals, control devices and a course monitoring system.

The communications system uses the 700 MHz band, offered in December 2011 by the ITS by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The band can also be used at intersections and locations with poor visibility as it can be used over wide areas.

With the full-scale operations on the new test drive, TMC will make fast improvements in the research and development of fuel efficient environmental systems and safe driving support systems, which are aimed at avoiding pedestrian and other vehicle accidents in urban areas and intersections. TMC hopes that its Integrated Safety Management Concept will help the company find solutions to eliminate traffic injuries and fatalities.


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