TMC Creates Fuel-Cell-Bus Power Supply System image

Toyota Motor Corporation developed a new power supply system based on the electricity offered by a fuel cell bus.

The new supply system can be used to supply electrical power to home electrical appliances. An FC bus provided with the new power supply system can offer a maximum output of 3 kW and therefore power home appliances continuously for over 100 hours.

On September 2nd, Aichi Prefecture and Toyota City will conduct a comprehensive disaster-control training using the new system to power 20 information display monitors located in a disaster control headquarters tent.

Fuel cell vehicles can offer a greater amount of electrical power than EVs as they generate electricity from hydrogen. FC buses, offering such a quantity of stored hydrogen, could serve as a future mobile power-supply vehicle used in different places such as evacuation centers following disasters.

TMC also plans to create a vehicle-to-home system to transfer energy from a FC bus to the electrical wiring from a building, providing a maximum output of 9.8 kW for 50 hours. An FC bus with a V2H system and a full tank of hydrogen can power the lights from an average school for 5 days.