To be introduced on March 31 st, Tesla’s Model 3 gets the mandatory teaser image

Tesla, the youngest publicly traded US automaker, is on its way towards introducing the much anticipated Model 3 electric vehicle, expected to debut at the very end of the current month.

As such the California-based electric automaker has released the first teaser image of the Model 3, with the model set to join the current lineup as the entry-level offering. The Model 3 will be the marquee’s most affordable sedan and as the rumor mill tips it the bigger brother Model S will serve as inspiration – the Junior also featuring a stylish design and soft, curvaceous lines. Of course this first teaser reveals practically nothing aside from the front shape of the car but as far as we can tell we can see a new design for the mirrors and the Model 3 also appears to be slightly lower on the roofline than the Model S. There isn’t much anything to go about as Tesla has maintained absolute secrecy but it appears the company will start accepting orders when the unveiling event kicks off and early adopters will need to pack $1,000 to get their order placed.

The rest that won’t get inside the event will have to wait just until April 1 to have their order taken into account on the newly snatched website. Regardless of order placement method, the first deliveries are going to stretch the patience of the eager owners, as they are slated after late 2017. Specifications remain a mystery but since it’s cheaper the Model 3 is also expected to be less powerful than the Model S and Model X crossover and will have sufficient electric juice for a 250-miles ride.