Tips to get your vehicle into shape in time for the summer vacation image

With summer months right around the corner, it’s time to assess the implications of possible vacation road trips in the family’s car, especially since the global oil prices have made gasoline more affordable in many regions around the globe.

Road warriors know very well that even though the personal automobile is a given commodity – as entrenched in our life as the smartphone or social media account, a careful amount of planning is necessary to avoid any hassles – especially if you plan to have a well-deserved rest during the vacation period. So, while having a vehicle especially prepared for the long hauls would be the best choice, the barren truth is that most of us will make do with the family car – be it a city dweller or massive pickup truck. In order to make the highway cross-country easy and pleasant, here’s a small checklist you might want to take a look at.

Once the seasons have changed, it’s a good idea to make a quick stop at the service to have the oil and filters changed and also have the mechanic check all the other fluids – including radiator coolant and brake, transmission and steering fluids. Then move to the battery and see if the cables are well positioned and free of rust. Up next are the engine’s drive belts that need to be surveyed for cracks or fraying – they also need to be changed regularly at around 60,000 miles. Other hoses should be checked for leaks or loose clamps. Give the body of the car a visual inspection, concentrating on the tires to see signs of excessive wear – if the tread is uneven then either the tires are improperly inflated, the front of the car is misaligned or there’s a suspension component problem. According to tire manufacturers, under-inflation has a negative impact on the vehicle’s dynamic stance and fuel consumption while having them over-inflated could cause a blowout.