Tokyo’s “Dinosaur Bridge” opens to Ease Traffic image

The Tokyo Gate Bridge or “Dinosaur Bridge” which is constructed over Tokyo Bay will open to traffic this weekend Bloomberg reports.

The bridge has been nicknamed the “dinosaur bridge” by Japanese media because of its unusual shape. It looks like two dinosaurs facing off.

Located at a height of 87.8 meters, it is 2,618 meters long, of which 1,618 meters are above the sea. It is longer than the 798-meter Rainbow Bridge, also in Tokyo Bay, the 860-meter Yokohama Bay Bridge and the 1,020-meter Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge, also in Yokohama.

The bridge, which weighs about 36,000 tons, was built for less than the original estimate of about 140 billion yen, thanks to new techniques and materials, said Koki Hosaka, a civil engineer at Tokyo Ports. It is built to withstand an earthquake directly under Tokyo, he said.

Tokyo Gate Bridge
• Japan
• Entire length: 2,933 m
• World’s largest-scale fully welded continuous truss bridge with a marine area of 1,618 m and a center span of 440 m.