Tokyo Live: Toyota Fun-Vii and FT-EV III concepts unveiled image

The Toyota Fun-Vii has been revealed ahead of its Tokyo Motor Show debut, but now, the Japanese based automaker has officially presented it at the automotive event, along with the FT-EV III Concept.

The Toyota Fun-Vii Concept has been designed by the manufacturer in order to create a link between people, cars and society and it comes with an exterior body that can be used as a display space for messages or other information. The Toyota Fun-Vii Concept can communicate with the surrounding cars and infrastructure and most of its features can be operated with a smart phone. Inside the cabin, the Fun-Vii has another display space where themes can be adjusted to suit the mode.

According to the automaker, the Fun-Vii’s navigation system is different from standard ones but it doesn’t explain in what way. The Toyota Fun-Vii Concept is 4.020 mm long, 1.745 mm wide and 1.415 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2.750 mm, being able to accommodate three people. If it makes it into production, the Fun-Vii will definitely be one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market.

The Toyota FT-EV III Concept is a near production vehicle which shared the same space at the Tokyo Motor Show with the Fun-Vii, the GT 86 and many other models. The automaker says that the FT-EV III is using a lithium-ion battery pack mounted below the floor and an electric motor, which is offering the vehicle a range of 65 miles, while accommodating four people. The production version of the Toyota FT-EV III might be branded the Scion iQ EV and sold in the United States sometimes next year.