Tokyo: Mazda Biante GRANZ unveiled image

At the 42nd Tokyo Motor show, Mazda will unveil the Biante GRANZ model, a specially designed version of the mid-sized tall ‘high-roof’ Mazda Biante minivan.

According to the Japanese automaker, the Biante GRANZ minivan will take the ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design theme to the next level, including the ‘signature wing’ on the front fascia.

The vehicle will feature extremely high quality materials, that Mazda said are a class above. In addition, an exclusive front bumper and a large chrome grille, an exclusive chrome rear finisher, a muffler cutter, chrome trim (front, side and rear) and 17-inch alloy wheels will make this minivan to look in some way like a Japanese bullet train.

The 4,715mm long, 8-seat vehicle will be powered by a 2.0 liter DOHC DISI petrol engine; Mazda said the vehicle will come with a 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission.

Specifications of the Mazda Biante GRANZ (Mazda data)

Dimensions (overall length x overall width x overall height) 4,715mm x 1,770mm x 1,835mm
Wheelbase 2,850mm
Track (front/rear) 1,530mm/1,515mm
Seating capacity 8
Engine type 2000 DOHC DISI
Transmission type Electronically-controlled 5-speed automatic transmission
Tires 215/50R17 91V
Wheels 17 x 7J