Tokyo Motor Show: Honda’s odd concepts image

The Japanese manufacturer is well known for its cars and motorcycles, but in time for the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show the company’s designers were also allowed to play around.

Honda has decided to also explore other aspects of life on the move – premiering at the home show a raft of small mobility concepts that certainly required a good imagination in the conception phase. The five small concepts are certainly something else compared to the usual Honda cars and bikes. Let’s start with the compact Honda RoboCas Concept – a small electric vehicle that allows different types of cargo carrying with a canopy above – think of a futuristic way of delivering a drinks cabinet, poolside valet or pavement sausage stand. Honda’s Ie-Mobi Concept (pronounced: ee-a mo-bee – “le” is a Japanese word for “home”) is a little bit bigger but shares the same design traits. It’s an electric something that can be powered or power your house – and even serve as a room measuring just short of five meters square.


The Honda Fure-Mobi Concept is again a play on words – pronounced foo-ray mo-bee – “Fure” comes from the Japanese word “Fureai” which is equal to interaction, contact or touch. It mostly looks like an electric wheelchair, it can fit two people and looks more at home on the walkway. The Chair-Mobi Concept is also exploring the wheelchair segment, useful indoors or outside. Last, but not least, comes the Ai-Miimo Concept – which actually has no room for humans. It’s an electric self-propelled robotic lawn mower, based on a production model that has now received AI and can “talk” to its user to “support them in their every day life.”