Tokyo Motor Show: Isuzu FD-SI image

Just like the Honda mobility concepts, or the Yamaha pickup truck, Isuzu is also looking to capture the title for the quirkiest concept on display in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The FD-SI is Isuzu’s view of a future delivery van. It has been designed to serve urban purposes due to its light delivery vehicle constitution, serving as a replacement for the current box trucks currently in-use in cities all over the world. Isuzu adds the FD-SI not only focuses on cargo space, but also driver comfort and convenience – instead of the trend to make such vehicles autonomous, the maker is making the driver the focus point of the concept. The lone seat sits in the middle, with a huge vertical greenhouse for great forward visibility. Cameras give feedback on the rear, with a honeycomb structure in the rear for both rigidity and increased storage space.

The odd thing is cargo should be very small, since everything will only be stored in honeycomb tubes. Unfortunately, Isuzu hasn’t released any technical information – not even details about what powers the concept – but we assume a production model based on it would clearly use electricity. The honeycomb cargo tubes look like a stretch though – since light duty trucks still need to include larger cargo from time to time – washing machines, fridges, that sort of stuff.

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