Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Vision Coupe concept image

The Japanese automaker has decided to grace the home venue of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with the stylish and new Vision Coupe concept, a four-door that could very well be nicknamed the RX-9.

We’re almost certain Mazda isn’t going to put into production the Vision Coupe, and instead is using it as a design exercise that allowed its specialists to showcase the power of the brand’s current Kodo styling language. The concept shows clear heritage with the RX-Vision concept presented back in 2015 during the same auto show. We have the same low-slung hood, a cab that rides far back, a sloping roofline and pronounced overhangs. There’s a question – how much did the designers work and how much did they take for granted the first one and just modified it for a four-door appearance?

Tokyo Motor Show Mazda Vision Coupe concept 11

Never mind that, because Mazda speaks of the “’golden ratio’ of classic coupe proportions,” “negative spaces” and a “natural-feeling interior.” Speaking of the latter, the cabin features leather, wood trim, and jewel-like analog instruments – and classic cues such as a manual-transmission shifter and simple yet sporty and stylish three-spoke wheel. The Vision Coupe does come with a touchscreen infotainment system – but it’s transparent because “screens can easily become a barrier that blocks the driver’s view,” according to Mazda, so “it functions as a display only at those times when it is required.”