The Mitsubishi era of high-performance cars is seemingly over – enter the age of crossovers and SUVs, such as the Eclipse Cross or the e-Evolution prototype SUV that most likely paves the way for a new production model.

Following the resurgence of the beloved Eclipse nameplate as the Eclipse Cross crossover, Mitsubishi is again looking back in history to cater for the future – bringing in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show the e-Evolution, a fully electric SUV with a bold styling. Naturally, unlike the Eclipse, the e-Evolution is just a showcar for now. Details about it are still pretty slim, but what we know about the spectacular Gundam-style concept is power comes from three “torqueful” electric motors. One powers the front wheels, and the other two cater for the other axle for an appropriate all-wheel-drive setup with electronically controlled torque vectoring.

Tokyo Motor Show Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept 13

The company touts “smooth and powerfully responsive performance”, with a large battery pack – providing unspecified range – located underneath the floor in the middle of the vehicle. Another interesting aspect is that even the brake calipers are electrically actuated – for a more powerful and faster response. The e-Evolution comes with suicide doors, and an interior with four individual seats – wide central display with two smaller screens for the side rearview cameras make up the instrument cluster, while the rest of the controls in the cabin are touch-sensitive.


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