Tokyo Motor Show official: Nissan IDx Freeflow [Live Images] updated image

The Japanese company has officially introduced during the the IDx Freeflow. The model will not foreshadow a production one, as it is only a case study.

IDx Freeflow shows how Nissan is using a new and innovative product development methods to meet the needs of younger customers who have novel, exciting ideas, and engage with them to build the cars they want. This is because the Japanese have opted for a co-creation product development approach, which requires input from consumers.

IDx Freeflow was designed to appeal to “digital natives,” the generation born after 1990, and integrates their feedback into the creation process. The co-creation activity led to the development of two IDx concepts cars, the Freeflow and the Nismo, each with their own unique identity, yet aligning with the values and preferences and desire for authenticity, of the mainly digital native collaborative community that helped create them.