Tokyo Motor Show: Yamaha Cross Hub concept image

It’s pretty unusual to see the brand Yamaha plastered onto a vehicle, let alone associate the motorcycle maker with the pickup body stile – but here it is, a showcar in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha said before the advent of the home show it will be surprising everybody with the introduction of a new concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, but clearly no one ever thought it would be of the pickup truck variety. The exterior design is clearly something… else, and comes as a polarizing appearance, with Yamaha looking to solve the problem of how to move from a company doing mostly motorcycles to constructing a four-wheeled utilitarian vehicle – by the way, the cargo bed has exact space for two Yamaha motorcycles.

Tokyo Motor Show Yamaha Cross Hub concept 3

The small concept has the right off-road credentials, with a raised suspension setup and good clearance, chunky Falken tires and showcar shiny black wheels with color-coordinated blue outline. There are very few technical specs, but we do know the dimensions: 4,490 millimeters (177 inches) long, 1,960 mm (77 in.) wide, and 1,750 mm (69 in.) tall. The interior promises space for four adults, with a McLaren F1-inspired diamond arrangement for the seats.