Tokyo: VW Cross Coupe off-road concept unveiled image

At the 42th Tokyo Motor Show, the Germans from VW will present the Cross Coupe Concept SUV, VW’s vision of an SUV coupe.

The compact crossover gives a strong hint toward the future design language, and is the first vehicle, concept or otherwise, that we’ve seen ride on the company’s new modular transverse matrix architecture that has already been confirmed to underpin next year’s new Golf and Audi A3.

You could be looking at the next generation Volkswagen Tiguan, or maybe a new VW SUV model altogether.

However, at least the design has more in common with the redesigned Passat, at least from the front. The concept looks more aggressive than many of the company’s current models, with bulging fenders that shroud 265/45R20 tires on 20-inch alloy wheels.

‘This concept is very different to a new Tiguan, it’s more sporty and appeals to different customers. The SUV segment is growing so there will be a diversification of SUVs,’ he said. ‘If customers like it, we will build it.’

Volkswagen describes the concept as a “hint of how a crossover between a four-door coupe and an SUV could look like”.
However, if we take a carefully look at some tech details we can figure out that is not just coupé-like though: off-road, it possesses figures that almost fall into the range of classic SUVs.
For example, the front angle of approach is 24.2 degrees and at the rear 32.5 degrees. The Cross Coupé also features good off-road ground clearance.

The concept coupe SUV has not one but three power sources, which work together efficiently as a hybrid system. First, there’s a 148-horsepower (110 kW) TSI engine that delivers 155 pound-feet of torque. In addition, a 54 hp (40 kW) and 133 lb-ft electric engine for the front wheels is available.
If the Cross Coupé is to be used in all-wheel-drive or pure electric mode, a further electric motor that is integrated as a co-axial drive unit in the back axle powers the rear wheels. This second electric motor generates up to 114 hp (85 kW) and develops 199 lb-ft of torque.

With a full fuel tank, the Cross Coupé weighs 3,854 pounds and can accelerate, from zero to 62 mph (100 kilometers per hour) in 7 seconds with a top speed of 125 mph (75 when in electric mode). Volkswagen says its fuel economy is 87 miles per gallon and its range is as much as 531 miles.