Tom Hanks receives Polish-Made Fiat 126p classic as a gift image

Oscar-winning actor and general bonhomme personality Tom Hanks is also well known on social media thanks to his entertaining Twitter account, with one of his running gags cars.

In his many trips, every time he finds an interesting ride he likes to pose next to the vehicle with the message, “I got a new car!” Last year he posted several shots with the Fiat 126p, so fan Monika Jaskólska decided the star needed one for real. Fortunately, Polski Fiat made the 126p in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, and Jaskólska was involved with raising money for the Bielsko-Biała Pediatric Hospital – and she came up with the idea to connect the actor to a charity event. The organizers of the odd but still sweet idea purchased a battered, beat-up, turquoise 126p that was surely made before 1975.

Tom Hanks receives Polish-Made Fiat 126p classic as a gift 10

A restoration process took place with the restorer actually donating the work, while well-known aftermarket specialist Carlex Design was in charge with the minuscule ride’s new and luxurious interior. This 126p now has the best cabin of the series, with Carlex explaining it used “light green leather,” exposed stitching and contrasting black leather stripes. In a nod to another Hanks passion – he’s a collector of vintage typewriters – the buttons and switches look like typewriter keys. There’s also a custom message “Bielsko-Biała for Tom Hanks” on the passenger side and below the speedometer.