Unless you’re passionate about the Japanese aftermarket scene, you may have never heard about Tommykaira – which is actually an even less known automaker.

The company’s ZZ roadster is a very interesting representative of the wide ranging boutique sports car segment – and it’s even more interesting now that the firm is premiering a technical feature. It’s quite unique actually – the world’s first vehicle with a polycarbonate-resin pillar-less windshield – in translation we’re dealing with a completely transparent windshield. That means better visibility and the assembly is also lighter than a traditional windshield and A-pillar setup. The new windshield will be an option offered on the battery-powered roadster this fall.

Tommykaira ZZ is a boutique sports EV with an interesting technical premiere 1

Small, virtually pillar-less windshields were in use back in the day in what now pass as classic race cars, but modern safety standards have imposed the use of rather bulky assemblies on modern sports cars. Teijin, the supplier, designed a thick setup – one that is strong enough to let go of the traditional A pillar. The ZZ EV “meets new Japanese standards that will become effective in July,” says the company. On its own, the little roadster has a rear-mounted electric motor 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts) and 306 pound-feet (415 Newton-meters) of torque with a single-speed transmission, central aluminum monocoque with subframes, adjustable double-wishbone suspension – and now has a 36 percent lighter windshield.


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