TomTom Signed Agreement to Supply Traffic Information for Qoros Auto image

TomTom, via its joint venture partner AutoNavi Holdings Limited, recently singed a 7 year agreement with Chinese car-maker Qoros Auto, according to which the company will supply traffic information for Qoros cars beginning next year.

TomTom is a global supplier of location and navigation products and services, which provides consumers and enterprise, government and automotive industry customers with digital maps, navigation software, PNDs, traffic intelligence, automotive systems, smartphones apps, fleet management services, POIs and speedcam intelligence.

The HD Traffic fusion engine, which will be installed on the vehicles, offers drivers accurate and up-to-date traffic information, producing precise delay times and indicating the exact location of congestion on the road network. Ralf-Peter Schäfer, TomTom head of traffic product unit, said that securing the company’s first OEM customer using HD Traffic in China is an exciting win for them.

“Working with such a strong partner in the automotive landscape in China and Europe is an opportunity for TomTom to further prove that HD Traffic is the best real-time traffic solution available globally,” Schäfer said.

In 2013 the first cars, aimed at young metropolitan users, will hit the streets in China equipped with HD Traffic, providing drivers with the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic information available.