TomTom Takes No Blame For Apple’s Map App Failure image

Although Apple’s iPhone 5 was expected with great enthusiasm, its faulted maps app let down most of its fans.

Of course no one wants to take blame for anything that goes wrong with Apple, and so neither does TomTom with the map failures in the iPhone’s new operating system. Cem Cohen, TomTom’s global communications manager, said that the company offered Apple the map data and they turned it into an app, therefore it is the manufacturers’ to be blamed and not the Dutch satellite navigation company.

“We have the highest map quality in the world,” he added. “We’ve sold 65 million satnav devices and more than 1.4 million apps for iPhone in the last two years so we’re very confident of our quality.”

Earlier this year Apple decided to leave out Google Maps as the default map service on the iPhone and close a deal with TomTom for the iOS6 operating system. It remains to be seen whether this new deal with TomTom is a genius decision or an epic fail. Until then iPhone 5 users should not trust the map app if they want to get in the desired place, as this app makes some unusual changes all over the globe.